Thursday, 3 June 2010

Door keeper

One of my worlds

I am very proud of this. I may stick it on my wall. It makes me happy.


I think her head is completely the wrong shape, now that it's finished and I can review it, but I had fun with the dress. And the ribbons...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ancient butterfly

Wow, have I been neglecting this dlog (aka doodle log). Despite this, my doodling have reached an all-time high... I just haven't got round to uploading them :/
Sorry, internet world! (And the few people out there who actually check up on me here.) But look what I found! An A2 poster of a painting I did in 2004. I was so young! And thought that this was pretty damn impressive:

Nope, not convinced myself - however, I have not done a painting that big since, well, then. I should get out the canvas and start slapping on the paint...

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Don't remind me.

So I did some oil painting yesterday. It started off as a biro drawing, progressed to an almost-complete, what-colour-should-I-use, it-looks-quite-good-like-that-even-if-slightly-messy half painting, and ended as shown below.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Pirate costume design

Four posts in one day! All of these have been scattered around my room, waiting to end up on the digital page.
Another clothes-based drawing. A Biology lesson a couple of weeks ago ended up being decidedly piratey... and inspired me.

Alice in Wonderland

Well, they've got to pop up somewhere, these crazy little Carroll-created characters.

Farmer Brown

This little fellow and his horse appeared on my page during a history lesson. He seemed rather out-of-place amidst all my war and politics notes.


I know it's a mess, but profiles! There they are! Emma gave me a way of drawing them that I think she picked up from some site or another...

Viola! Basic head-shape with three triangles - one for the eye, one for the nose, one for the mouth. Handy. Very handy.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mad Hatter costume design

Costume design! I'm hoping to get this costume together and wear it on an Alice in Wonderland themed day this summer.
The random leg floating around on the right is to show detail to the left leg. Her feet are too small... but I'll say that's cause I was concentrating on the clothing.

The beginning sketch. I had to muck around with it a bit in Fireworks for the light pencil marks to show up.

Sky Ship

Another one inspired by The Edge Chronicles. The Edge Chronicles have Sky Ships - that incidentally look very little like this, however, the idea appeals to me.

Love cuteness

A Friday morning doodle. Reminds me rather of the lovebirds I spend my time with at college...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A creation! My Monday break was put to good use.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A couple of my ladies ;)

I'm sorry you don't have a face, my lovely. I'll try and fix that, some day.

Biology Folder

A series of drawings that illustrate my Biology folder - drawn while in the depths of hellish boredom during a Biology trip.

This creature is supposed to have wings, but unfortunately his creator has not yet figured out the best structure to suit his anatomy.

No, the moth is not a physical part of this creature. The body can still function without it - however, it allows the body to communicate and feed and 'think'. The body is driven by a primal instinct and does not have a brain of its own. Without a moth it will simply walk and walk until its body wears out. A moth is given to it at the moment of 'birth' by its superiors and provides the basis for its living. The moth provides the body with an ability to think and feed and the body provides the moth with protection and ready food. The source of the connection between the two entities is unknown.

Shame about the very black lines across the hawk-girl's face. But on the folder it was hawk-girl with the flap down and normal girl with the flap up... However, I drew the girl and was then disappointed with myself for reverting to my habit. Therefore the flap came in handy in adding a little more interest. The hawk-girl has become very attractive to my pen, suddenly.

Sack-Puss. Poor thing, with a nickname like that. But this cat doesn't eat that often, or move that often either, unless it has to. Slow and lazy and fat. It is the strange creature on the end of it's tail that eats for it and protects it from predators. Originally this vicious thing was a parasite. However, after finding it works perfectly well with this lazy race of cats, they have over the decades become a part of each other.

I think this grumpy fellow came into being because of a mixture of disgust at myself for the typical pretty-girl I had previously drawn, and partly because Chris Riddell's illustrations in The Edge Chronicles (go read) were going round my head. Chris Riddell is an absolute genius with his pen.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Jomo Kenyatta

"A big, paunchy man, with... a theatrically monstrous ebony elephant-headed walking stick... dressed in European tweed jacket and flannel slacks." British journalist 1947

"At the time, too cautious to give anything anything away to a white stranger, the black leader conversed in a series of equivocal grunts, ‘Unh-hunh!’"