Thursday, 1 April 2010

Pirate costume design

Four posts in one day! All of these have been scattered around my room, waiting to end up on the digital page.
Another clothes-based drawing. A Biology lesson a couple of weeks ago ended up being decidedly piratey... and inspired me.

Alice in Wonderland

Well, they've got to pop up somewhere, these crazy little Carroll-created characters.

Farmer Brown

This little fellow and his horse appeared on my page during a history lesson. He seemed rather out-of-place amidst all my war and politics notes.


I know it's a mess, but profiles! There they are! Emma gave me a way of drawing them that I think she picked up from some site or another...

Viola! Basic head-shape with three triangles - one for the eye, one for the nose, one for the mouth. Handy. Very handy.